• Corporate Taxation

    • Day-by-day Assistance
      Our professionals boast a wide and consolidated experience in all the taxation systems connected with corporate law and provide fiscal consulting to domestic and foreign corporate groups in matter of balancing company income, circulation of intellectual property, transfer pricing and balancing issues connected with the application of domestic and International accounting standards. The firm also deals with the monetary management and corporate fulfilment.

      Corporate restructuring
      The firm provides tax and corporate consulting in the framework of special operations and group reorganizations, through a customised assistance that comprises the optimization of income flows, the definition of tax strategies, of financial and treasury structures and the optimization of society holding.

      Strategic tax planning
      The firm aims at developing innovative solutions that, according to the laws in force, allow the client to optimize its own legal and fiscal organization in tune with the evolution of its own industrial and commercial businesses. In order to optimize the taxation of the company or of the group which it is advising, it analyses the reference context of the client with an exhaustive analysis of its own business and of the Sector in which it operates, comparing the different fiscal solutions available.

      The firm provides assistance in the planning of acquisition and cession of corporate investment, companies or real estates, supporting the client from the phase of negotiating and editing of specific contractual clasues. The firm provides assistance in the priming of the information statement required by the law in force for the admission to the quotation in the Italian regulated markets. Moreover, the professionals of the firm perform two fiscal, financial and accounting diligences, and provide support in the reorganization of the society acquired and in the potential integration in preexisting structures.